Carbon Fiber Powder

Carbon fiber powder is a high-performance material that has gained immense popularity in various industries. This highly sought-after material is known for its exceptional mechanical properties which include high strength, low weight, and excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. Its unique characteristics make it an ideal material for use in aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and energy industries. 

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Powder

  • High Strength-to-weight Ratio

    Carbon fiber powder has exceptional strength and stiffness while being significantly lighter than other materials. It makes it a popular choice in the aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.

  • Durability

    Carbon fiber powder shows excellent resistance to wear, tear, and chemical damage.

  • Conductivity

    Carbon Fiber powder has excellent thermal conductivity, making it useful in some industrial processes.

  • Versatility

    Carbon Fiber powder can be molded into various shapes and sizes, making it versatile for use in different applications.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Carbon fiber powder is highly resistant to corrosion, which ensures its longevity and reliability, even in harsh environments.

  • Low Thermal Expansion

    Carbon fiber powder has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it works well where high temperature variations are common.

InnovativeUnique Properties & High Performance

Carbon fiber powder is an important material in several industries with numerous applications. Its unique properties make it highly desirable for use in different products, ranging from airplane components to sports equipment. Carbon fiber powder is an innovative solution that continues to drive progress and development in many industries.

Raw Material of Carbon Fiber Yarn

Carbon fiber yarn is made from carbon fiber, which is a type of material composed of carbon atoms bonded together in a crystal lattice structure. The production of carbon fiber yarn involves several stages, including the processing of raw materials, the conversion of these materials into a carbon fiber form, and the weaving of these fibers into yarn.

  • 10 times

    Stronger than steel

  • 5 times

    Lighter than steel


We Can Provide

  • 50 Mesh

  • 150 Mesh

  • 300 Mesh

  • 400 Mesh

  • 800 Mesh

  • 1000 Mesh

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Application Scenario

Energy Storage

Carbon Fiber Powder is used in various energy storage applications such as batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. The material is highly conductive, which enhances the performance and efficiency of energy storage devices.

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Basic Parameters

Model Number: ICT-P108
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Material: Carbon fiber
Purity: >98%
Volatile: 0.001
Diameter: 7um
Melting Point: >1400°C
Customization: Yes

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