What an Exciting and Successful AFF Show in Vietnam

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Scene at AFF exhibition in Vietnam

Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd has recently attended the International Textile Expo in Vietnam that took place from March 27th to March 29th. This was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our quality products to the Vietnamese market and to establish new business partnerships in the region.

The International Textile Expo in Vietnam is one of the premier events in the textile industry, providing a platform for textile manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to showcase their products. This year’s event saw the participation of more than 300 companies from 20 countries, offering a wide range of products, from fabrics to machinery.

logo of international textile expo

For Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd, the event was an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative products, which include a range of high-performance industrial textiles. Our product line includes coated fabrics, engineered fabrics, and laminated fabrics, all of which are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction.

At this exhibition, we mainly displayed high-performance composite textiles such as carbon fiber, Cordura, polymer, aramid, and flame-retardant fabrics. As China’s leading composite materials manufacturer, our products have been exported to hundreds of countries and regions, gaining unanimous recognition and appreciation from customers. We will continue to research lighter, stronger and more cost-effective materials in this area.

exhibition booth of Impact Materials at AFF 2024

At the event, Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd showcased its latest products, which impressed the attendees with their high quality and innovative design. The company’s representatives were on hand to provide detailed information about each product and to answer any questions that the attendees had. The company’s representatives also highlighted the various applications of the products and how they can help businesses improve their processes and products.

One of the main reasons why Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd participated in this event was to expand its reach in the Vietnamese market. Vietnam is a rapidly developing country with a growing economy and a thriving textile industry. The country is known for its skilled workforce and favorable business environment, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region.

By participating in the International Textile Expo in Vietnam, Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd was able to connect with potential customers and partners in the region. The company’s representatives had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with attendees and to establish new business relationships that will be beneficial for both parties.

Overall, the participation of Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd in the International Textile Expo in Vietnam was a success. The company was able to showcase its quality products and establish new business relationships in the region. With its innovative product line and commitment to customer satisfaction, Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd is poised to become a leading player in the textile industry in Asia and beyond.

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