Aramid Honeycomb Sheet

Aramid paper honeycomb is a bionic honeycomb core material made from aramid paper as the basic raw material. The core material is light in weight, with high specific strength and stiffness.

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  • 29-144KG/M3


  • Aramid


  • Orange


  • Customizable

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Aerospace GradeComposite material

Aramid honeycomb panels are commonly used in the aerospace industry due to their lightweight, high strength, and fire-resistant properties. They are used for aircraft flooring, interior walls, ceiling panels, and other structural components.

Impact Materials can produce aramid paper honeycomb with a perforated edge length of 1.8-5.5 mm and a density range of 29-144 kg/m3, with a maximum size of 3900 x 1850 x 900 mm. We also produce functional aramid paper honeycombs with overstretch, perforated and 3D flexibility.

Lightweight & StrongExcellent Performance

Aramid honeycomb sheet has outstanding corrosion and flame resistancem excellent environmental resistance and insulation, unique resilience and vibration energy absorption, good electromagnetic wave permeability and high temperature stability.

  • 9 times

    Stronger than steel

  • 5 times

    Lighter than steel

Versatility in Application

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