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Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd. is a renowned carbon fiber supplier, catering to various industries with its cutting-edge composites for advanced applications. With years of expertise in carbon fiber production, Impact Materials has gained a reputation for delivering superior quality products to customers worldwide.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in crafting carbon fiber materials for advanced applications.
  • Carbon fiber is a lightweight and durable material with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The meticulous manufacturing process at Hangzhou Impact New Materials ensures exceptional quality standards.
  • The company offers an extensive range of carbon fiber products, such as sheets, fabrics, and rods.
  • Hangzhou Impact New Materials is committed to sustainability and responsible production processes.

Understanding Carbon Fiber and Its Applications

Carbon fiber is a lightweight and incredibly strong material that has revolutionized multiple industries. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio has made it a popular choice for the automotive, aerospace, and sports industries, among others.

Compared to traditional materials like steel and aluminum, carbon fiber delivers unparalleled durability while significantly reducing weight. As a result, it is commonly used in the production of high-performance vehicles, aircraft, and sporting equipment.

Carbon fiber also offers exceptional resistance to temperature changes, making it ideal for use in extreme conditions. Its corrosion-free properties make it an ideal choice for harsh environments where other materials would deteriorate, making it a popular choice for marine applications.

With its versatility and strength, carbon fiber has become a valuable resource for creating a wide range of innovative products in various fields. From bicycles to medical equipment to musical instruments, carbon fiber has demonstrated its usefulness and superiority in numerous applications.

Impact Materials' Expertise in Carbon Fiber Production

Impact Materials-carbon fiber cloth

Impact Materials is a leading supplier of carbon fiber materials and boasts expert knowledge in carbon fiber production. The company has honed its manufacturing process to ensure high-quality products that exceed industry standards.

The manufacturing process involves several steps, including selection of raw materials, pre-treatment, spinning, stabilization, carbonization, and finishing. The team at Impact Materials employs strict quality control measures, ensuring each product's consistency and durability.

Quality control inspections are conducted regularly throughout the production process, and the company utilizes advanced instrumentation to ensure the final product meets exact specifications. Our commitment to quality and expertise in production sets them apart from competitors, making them a leading player in the carbon fiber industry.

Range of Carbon Fiber Products by Impact Materials

We offer a vast array of carbon fiber products, including sheets, rods, tubes, and fabrics. Thanks to their unrivaled strength, durability, and lightweight nature, these products find uses across many industries such as aerospace, sports, and automotive. Let's take a closer look at a few specific examples of carbon fiber products that Impact Materials offers:

Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon fiber sheets are produced by laying carbon fiber weaves together and applying resin to them. These sheets are incredibly strong and rigid, making them the ideal material for a broad range of structural applications. At Impact Materials, we offer carbon fiber sheets that are both twill and plain woven, ensuring the perfect balance between beauty and performance.

Carbon Fiber Rods and Tubes

Carbon Fiber Rods and Tubes

Carbon fiber rods and tubes are known for their remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making them the go-to material for applications that require high strength and low weight. At Impact Materials, we offer carbon fiber rods and tubes in a wide range of diameters, making them the ideal choice for everything from RC models to aircraft parts.

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Carbon fiber fabric is a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to its incredible strength, rigidity, and lightweight nature. At Impact Materials, we offer a broad range of carbon fiber fabrics, including twill weave, plain weave, and satin weave fabrics in a variety of weights, to meet the demands of even the most challenging industrial applications.

Research and Development: Paving the Way for Carbon Fiber Innovation and Advanced Materials

Our commitment to research and development is at the heart of their success in crafting cutting-edge carbon fiber composites. Their R&D efforts are focused on driving innovation and exploring the full potential of advanced materials.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders, Impact Materials is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with carbon fiber. Their advanced R&D program focuses on developing new materials with exceptional strength and durability, improved thermal and electrical conductivity, and enhanced fire-retardant properties.

"At Impact Materials, we are continuously investing in new materials, equipment, and technologies to offer the latest and most advanced carbon fiber solutions to our customers," says Jenny Xu, Vice President of Operations at Impact Materials.

Impact Materials' R&D team is composed of highly skilled experts committed to maintaining exceptional quality standards throughout the entire production process. This commitment to quality has earned them numerous certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, showcasing their ability to adhere to industry standards and deliver exceptional carbon fiber products.

Latest Carbon Fiber Innovations and Advanced Materials

Product NameDescriptionApplication
ICT-CF450A new generation composite textile made from high-quality carbon fiber.Aerospace, automotive, marine, and sports equipment.
Graphene Reinforced Composite MaterialA graphene-reinforced carbon fiber material with superior thermal conductivity and fire retardant properties.Aerospace, defense, and energy sectors.
Thermally Conductive Carbon Fiber SheetA high-performance composite material with superior thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and lightweight properties.Electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries.
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminum AlloyA new hybrid material consisting of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, offering exceptional mechanical properties, weight reduction, and corrosion resistance.Transportation, aerospace, and marine industries.

As new applications for carbon fiber continue to emerge, Impact Materials remains at the forefront of the industry, driving continuous innovation in carbon fiber technology and paving the way for the development of advanced materials that transform the way we live and work.

Collaborations and Partnerships in the Industry

Impact Materials has developed a strong network of collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders to drive progress and innovation in carbon fiber applications. Their partnerships are committed to agility and joint solution development.

One notable collaboration is the development of carbon fiber composites for the automotive industry with BMW, leveraging the strength and lightweight attributes of Hangzhou Impact New Materials' carbon fiber sheets. With Henkel, a leader in adhesive solutions, they developed composite bonding solutions for the aerospace industry, aiming to enhance the durability and resistance of aircraft structures to extreme weather and mechanical stresses.

"We are proud to join hands with other industry leaders to drive advancements in carbon fiber technology. Collaborations like these are fundamental to us, allowing Hangzhou Impact New Materials to test the bounds of composite innovation and provide our customers with cutting-edge products and solutions." - Yao Liu, CEO of Impact Materials

Hangzhou Impact New Materials' industry connections extend beyond traditional aerospace and automotive industries. Through collaborations with partner companies, they're exploring the potential of carbon fiber in sustainable development, such as using carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites in green energy and transportation devices, like electric bicycles and scooters.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At Impact Materials, quality assurance is a top priority. The company adheres to strict standards throughout its carbon fiber production process, ensuring the delivery of exceptional and reliable carbon fiber products.

One way we achieve this is by obtaining certifications from recognized bodies such as ISO, SGS, and TUV Rheinland. These certifications demonstrate the company's commitment to quality and best practices in its manufacturing processes.

ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2015Quality management systems – Requirements
ISO 14001:2015Environmental management systems – Requirements
ISO 45001:2018Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements with guidance for use

ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms that we have established a quality management system, complying with international quality standards and consistently providing high-quality carbon fiber products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The ISO 14001:2015 certification demonstrates that Impact Materials implements an environmental management system, adhering to sustainable practices and minimizing its environmental impact as a carbon fiber supplier.

Additionally, Impact Materials has obtained the ISO 45001:2018 certification, a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems. This certification showcases the company's commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

SGS and TUV Rheinland Certifications

In addition to ISO certifications, Impact Materials has obtained certifications from globally recognized third-party testing and inspection organizations such as SGS and TUV Rheinland. These certifications assure customers of the quality and safety of carbon fiber products, as the products are rigorously tested and adhere to industry standards.

By emphasizing quality assurance and obtaining certifications, we maintain its position as a leading carbon fiber supplier, delivering exceptional and reliable products to customers worldwide.

Sustainability Initiatives at Impact Materials

We recognize the importance of sustainable practices in the carbon fiber industry, and is committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

The company follows responsible production processes, including the use of eco-friendly materials during production and ensuring minimal waste generation. We have also implemented a comprehensive recycling program, ensuring that any materials that cannot be used are recycled efficiently.

The company's sustainability practices extend beyond production, with Impact Materials actively promoting the use of carbon fiber for eco-friendly purposes, such as reducing the weight of vehicles to improve fuel efficiency.

We firmly believes in taking a proactive approach to sustainability, and is constantly working towards implementing even more eco-friendly practices in its production processes.

Customer Success Stories and Testimonials

Impact Materials has helped several customers obtain exceptional results with its carbon fiber solutions. Let's hear from a few satisfied clients:

"Working with Impact Materials has been a pleasure. Their expertise in carbon fiber production is unrivaled, and their commitment to quality is commendable. With their innovative solutions, we've been able to achieve significant advancements in our products and capabilities."- Sarah Li, CEO of Li Aerospace

Li Aerospace is just one of the several companies who have benefitted from Impact Materials' carbon fiber products. In industries like automotive racing, aerospace, and defense, their solutions have proven to be game-changers. Carbon fiber has enabled engineers to create products that are stronger, more lightweight, and more efficient than ever before.

Another customer, ARB Racing, has leveraged the benefits of Impact Materials' carbon fiber products to boost their performance in the competitive racing industry.

"We've been using Impact Materials' carbon fiber sheets and rods for several seasons now, and we're thrilled with the results. Our car's weight has reduced significantly, and we've been able to increase our speed and efficiency as a result. We're confident in the quality of their products and have no hesitation in recommending them to others."- John Chen, Team Manager of ARB Racing

The effectiveness of Impact Materials' carbon fiber solutions is evident in the success stories of its customers. It's clear that they prioritize client satisfaction and strive to provide durable and reliable solutions.

As the demand for lightweight and durable materials continues to grow across various industries, the carbon fiber market is also expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. Advancements in technology and increased research and development efforts have led to the emergence of new applications and exciting possibilities in the field of carbon fiber.

Impact Materials is at the forefront of these industry advancements, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible with their expertise in carbon fiber production. They're committed to staying ahead of the curve and driving innovation in the field, always exploring future trends and new opportunities.

One of the most significant trends in the carbon fiber industry is the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly materials. As companies and consumers become more conscious of environmental issues, the need for responsible production and sustainable practices has never been more apparent. Impact Materials recognizes the importance of this trend and has implemented several sustainability initiatives aimed at minimizing their environmental impact.

Another exciting trend is the emergence of carbon fiber in the construction industry. As a lightweight, strong, and versatile material, carbon fiber has already proven useful in various structural applications, from bridges and buildings to tunnels and pipelines. With further research and development, the industry could see immense growth with carbon fiber as a more widely adopted building material in the future.

Finally, as the automotive and aerospace industries continue to grow and evolve, the demand for carbon fiber materials is also bound to increase. The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber makes it an ideal material for various parts and components, from body panels and interiors to aircraft wings and fuselages.

The future of the carbon fiber industry is bright, and Impact Materials is leading the way with their rigorous research and development efforts and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Global Presence of Hangzhou Impact Materials

Impact Materials is a premier carbon fiber supplier with a global presence. With a strong dedication to quality, Hangzhou is highly regarded by customers all around the world for their advanced composites and expertise in carbon fiber production.

Impact Materials' presence spans across multiple countries, with international distribution networks that enable fast and efficient deliveries to customers worldwide. They offer a wide range of premium carbon fiber products, including sheets, fabrics, and rods, with each of their products undergoing strict quality control measures to ensure consistency and unparalleled performance.

Customers from diverse industries like aerospace, automotive, sports, and others appreciate Hangzhou's top-notch carbon fiber solutions that cater to a broad array of advanced applications. With their global presence, Impact Materials continues to make significant contributions to the composites industry, catering to the growing demand for carbon fiber products worldwide.


Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading carbon fiber supplier specializing in crafting cutting-edge composites for a wide range of advanced applications. Through their expertise in carbon fiber production, commitment to quality assurance, and dedication to sustainability, they have established themselves as a reliable partner for industry leaders worldwide.

Their extensive range of carbon fiber products, research and development efforts, collaborations and partnerships, and commitment to customer satisfaction have set them apart in the industry. As the field of composites continues to evolve, Hangzhou Impact Materials remains at the forefront of future trends and innovations.

With a global presence and an extensive distribution network, Impact Materials is well-equipped to serve the needs of customers worldwide. As we move towards a more eco-friendly future, their responsible production processes and adoption of sustainable practices are commendable.

Overall, Impact Materials has made significant contributions to advancing the field of composites and carbon fiber technology, and their continued dedication to excellence is sure to drive progress in the industry for years to come.


What does Hangzhou Impact New Materials Co., Ltd. specialize in?

Hangzhou Impact Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of carbon fiber materials, specializing in crafting cutting-edge composites for a wide range of advanced applications.

What are the applications of carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is used in various industries due to its lightweight nature and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It finds applications in sectors like aerospace, automotive, sports, and more.

How does Impact Materials ensure quality in carbon fiber production?

We have 20 year+ expertise in carbon fiber production and follows a meticulous manufacturing process. They have stringent quality control measures in place to maintain exceptional standards.

What types of carbon fiber products does Impact Materials offer?

Impact Materials offers a wide range of carbon fiber products, including sheets, fabrics, and rods. These products have versatile industrial applications in sectors like aerospace, automotive, and sports.

Does Impact Materials focus on research and development?

Yes, Impact Materials has a strong focus on research and development. They continuously work towards carbon fiber innovation and the development of advanced materials.

Doe Impact Materials collaborate with other industry leaders?

Yes, We form collaborations and partnerships with other industry leaders. These collaborations foster innovation and drive progress in carbon fiber applications.

What quality assurance measures does Impact Materials have in place?

We implement robust quality assurance measures, including achieving certifications and adhering to industry standards. This ensures the delivery of exceptional carbon fiber products.

How does Hangzhou Impact Materials contribute to sustainability?

We are committed to sustainability and adopts eco-friendly practices in their carbon fiber production. They strive to minimize the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes.

Are there any customer success stories or testimonials for Hangzhou Impact Materials?

Yes, we have customer success stories and testimonials that highlight the effectiveness of their carbon fiber solutions and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

What can we expect in the future of carbon fiber?

The future of carbon fiber promises new trends, innovations, and advancements in the industry. Hangzhou Impact Materials is at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Does Impact Materials serve customers globally?

Yes, we have a global presence and an extensive distribution network. They are capable of serving customers worldwide with their high-quality carbon fiber products.

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