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The excitement for Army 2024 is palpable among military equipment suppliers and composite materials professionals globally. Visitors recognize this exhibition as the foremost international security event, connecting regional and global stakeholders through trade and innovation.

This year's event promises unparalleled participation from top composite materials suppliers. The seasoned composite materials supplier is set to present its cutting-edge solutions at booth 5C3-4 confidently. As an experienced brand in this field, Impact Materials is ready to impress with its innovative offerings.


What to Expect in Army 2024?

International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2024" has turned into one of the world's leading exhibitions of armament and military equipment, the authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and developments for the armed forces.

· Time and Site

Army 2024 will be held from 12 to18 August 2024, at Patriot Expo(Moscow Region), Kubinka Air Base and Alabino military training grounds.

· Exhibitors

More than 80 countries will contribute about 1,500 exhibitors and 15,357 congress program participants to the event. More than 28,000 samples of military and dual-use products will be displayed. Established brands and startups across any military equipment and composite materials specialization stand to mutually gain insights and prospects through a diverse exchange.

· Positioning and Impact

The "Army" Forum serves as a unique showcase for the latest advancements in the military field, featuring cutting-edge smart weaponry, advanced military equipment and technologies, as well as construction and maintenance projects. It also provides an exceptional opportunity for companies and enterprises to display their products, fostering further integration and collaboration within the military-industrial complex.

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Impact Material’s Performance Among the Composite Materials Suppliers

Impact Materials stands as a top manufacturer of composite materials with a strong international footprint. Known for its exceptional product performance and highly innovative team, it has become a prominent and influential brand in the composite materials industry. Visit us at booth 5C3-4 at the trade show!

1. Key Products on Display

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of bulletproof equipment solutions, meticulously crafted from diverse material combinations to meet the highest standards of protection. Our selection includes bulletproof vests, bulletproof plates, and bulletproof helmets. Each product can be customized to fit specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and safety in any situation. Whether you need lightweight options for mobility or heavy-duty gear for maximum protection, our innovative solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of modern security challenges.

The materials that constitute these high-quality products primarily include carbon fiber, aramid, and UHMWPE. These advanced materials are selected for their exceptional strength, durability, and lightweight properties, ensuring top-tier protection and performance.

2. History & Experience

Impact Materials, founded in 1993, is a trailblazing technology company dedicated to the weaving and application of advanced composite materials.

Our core offerings include carbon fiber raw materials and their applications, as well as aramid, UHMWPE, and other high-performance fibers. Besides, our international footprint has spread to more than 120 countries and has more than 3,200 application cases.

The Key Products on Display Of  Impact Materials

Meeting with Impact Materials: Famous Composite Materials Suppliers

Army 2024 offers a unique opportunity and platform for direct engagement and in-depth exchange with international composite material manufacturers, military equipment producers, technical experts, and brands. This event is instrumental in advancing discussions and solutions for global security issues.

Be sure to visit Impact Materials' booth to learn more about our detailed product offerings. We are confident that you will gain valuable insights and have a truly rewarding experience.

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